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AniMate2 User Guide We are always looking for way to improve our documentation and videos. If you have questions please let us know. We have included videos for each section of the User Guide. Any time you see this icon., click on it to watch.

The Basics - Overview of Our Approach to Animation AniMate2 takes a building block approach to 3D animation. Animations are broken down into editable chunks (aniBlocks) that can be stored and reused similar to the way video clips are used in a video editing application. Just as video editing software doesn’t care how the video clips were created, aniMate doesn’t care where the animation clips were created either.

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AniMate2 is a DAZ Studio plugin and can only be used within DAZ Studio. A DAZ Studio scene is made up of a collection of objects.

Objects are things like characters, cameras, lights and props. All objects in a DAZ Studio's scene can be aniMated with aniBlocks. AniMate2 was designed to be as easy to use as is possible, with special emphasis on human/character movement.

The 'blocked' nature of aniBlocks allows you to create compelling animated scenes with great ease. AniMate2 has expanded on this to allow the following: - Sub-tracks that allow for morphs/pose aniBlocks layered on top of a base track. - Sub-tracks that allow for overriding body parts to facilate such things as waving while walking. - Easy adjustment of existing aniBlocks using Keyframe Levels. - Easy creation of Morph and Pose Offset aniBlocks. - Creation of Full Motion aniBlocks.

Where do I find my aniMate2 Stuff after install? The aniMate2 installer puts files in the following places: DAZ>Studio>plugins>aniMate2.dll DAZ>Studio>content>aniBlocks>aniMate>(sample aniBlocks) DAZStudio>Plugins>libaniMate2.dylib DAZStudio>Content>aniBlocks>aniMate>Hameg Hm 312 Service Manual. (sample aniBlocks) These are the STANDARD installation locations. If you have installed DAZ Studio in a NON-STANDARD location, AND aniMate gets installed in this STANDARD location you will have a problem. Two plugin folders will be created, one with all the normal stock plugins that come with Studio that you see when you start it up, the other with the aniMate plugin, not being seen by Studio.

To solve this problem you need to find both plugin folders (do a search for 'plugins' ), then put the 'libaniMate2.dylib'(mac) from one 'plugins' folder into the other 'plugins' folder with all the other.dylib(mac) files. Now you should be able to see aniMate2 as described below. Once installed, aniMate2 will show up inside DAZ Studio as a tab. Go to View/Tabs and you should see 'aniMate2'. AniMate2 was designed to dock at the bottom of your DAZ Studio window, but you can put it wherever you would like. Now that you've found the plugin, we should probably tell you where to find your aniBlocks inside of Studio. There are two places you can browse for aniBlocks and then drag them into the aniTimeline.

First, you can browse to them in the normal DAZ Studio content browser. The other way is to use the 'aniBlock Previewer'.

AniBlock Previewer The Previewer by default should show up underneath the aniTimeline but if it is hidden you can always show it by right clicking on any 'blank' space inside the aniMate2 tab and selecting 'Preferences'. Check the box next to 'Show Previewer'.