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Cs Bunny Hop Script

Let me make something clear. I am a newbie to AHK, and coding in general. This means that I may have: • Provided redundant code.

Oct 27, 2014  External Bhop & Longjump Script. KiHop is a simple cheat for Counter-Strike: Source that has in-built auto-bhop and auto-strafe functionality. May 26, 2011  A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Config Script in the Action Scripts category, submitted by Pingypoker and the Red Line Studios team. BunnyHop Script.

• Weird statements. • And primarily bad code.

Autohotkey Bunny Hop Script For CssAutohotkey Bunny Hop Script For Css

I am almost 100% certain that you cannot get VAC banned from using AHK scripts. (You are susceptible to Overwatch bans, so you might want to be cautious.) How to change binds in the script: (1). Open the script and find the key that you would like to change. Find all instances of it in the script. Google 'AutoHotKey key list' (4).

Go through a couple of the pages, and you should get a good idea on how to change. Change all instances of the key you want to change to what you've selected. Enjoy your new found skills on changing key values! If you would like for me to add more features please post a reply, and I will try to implement it. If you have any tips to shorten, simplify, or help make the code more efficient please reply to the thread. Bhop key is Space! I forgot the download script has reduced recoil!

Sorry New Code with reduced recoil.

// Author: Mister Mr // Special Thanks: Ravenn // Toggle On/Off with f1 bind 'f1' 'bunny_on' alias 'looper' '+jump;wait;-jump;wait;loop' alias 'bunny1' 'alias loop looper' alias 'bunny2' 'alias loop' alias '+bunny' 'looper;bunny1' alias '-bunny' 'bunny2;-jump' alias 'bunny_on' 'bind space +bunny;bind f1 bunny_off' alias 'bunny_off' 'bind space +jump;bind f1 bunny_on' echo 'BunnyHop Script Loaded!' Echo ' echo 'Press F1 to toggle script On/Off' echo ' echo ' echo 'Author: Mister Mr' echo 'Special Thanks: Ravenn' BunnyHop Script Toggle On And Off With F1 Scripter: Mister Mr And **much** thanks to Ravenn for teaching me how to script. (Honestly I just looked at his scripts and learned off them) How to install: 1.

Create a normal.txt file and copy and paste the script above into it. Name the script 'Bunnyhop'.

Change the.txt at the end to.cfg. Now place the.cfg file into your cfg folder in cstrike. Download The Vamps Can We Dance Ep Rar Download on this page.

(If you don't know where to find your cstrike folder then that's kinda sad.) 4. Run Counter Strike Source and type into the console _'exec Bunnyhop'_ Have fun bunnyhopping! (And no, You can NOT get VAC banned for this).