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Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D When I opened the lower looper cover, I noticed the seemingly simple threading instructions. You’ll understand why I say ‘seemingly’ when you read Working on the Bernina Bernette Funlock below. The differential feed and stitch length control dials are on the right side of the machine, just above the balance wheel. Features The features available on the Bernina Funlock 004D include: • Snap on presser feet • Differential feed • Adjustable stitch length • Adjustable cutting width • Adjustable presser foot pressure Working on the Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D I alluded to the challenges of threading the Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D above. Threading any serger can be a bit daunting, but in my opinion this one comes very close to taking the prize for being one of the most difficult threading systems on any serger I’ve ever seen. Necessary to open the door on the left side for threading The next challenge was threading the lower loopers. The on board diagram makes it look very simple.

Find great deals on eBay for bernina funlock serger. New Listing Bernette Bernina FunLock 007D De Luxe Serger Sewing. Sewing Machine Serger, Manual. Bernina funlock 006d manual. I have been given a Bernina funlock 007d and would like to be shown how to. How to thread a bernina funlock 004 serger. In reality, threading the Bernina Funlock 004D is anything but simple. Although the owner’s manual shows the user how to thread the machine, it is almost impossible to thread it following those instructions. Bernette Sewing Machines. Bernette Sewing Machines Within this section are the bernette series of sewing machine manuals that are no longer available in print. These scanned manuals are available for printing and downloading.

In reality, threading the Bernina Funlock 004D is anything but simple. Although the owner’s manual shows the user how to thread the machine, it is almost impossible to thread it following those instructions. This is the first serger I’ve ever seen where it was necessary to open the lower looper cover as well as the door on the left side of the machine in order to thread it properly. This may be because the looper threader was not included with this machine when my friend received it.

However, I suspect that even if the looper were present, this would be a big problem. Once that hurdle was cleared, and I was ready to actually sew on the Funlock 004D, the going was great.

The Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D is quiet and fast. The fabric movess through the feed dogs smoothly and evenly. The stitches are clean, perfectly formed and well balanced. Thread stands When my friend received this serger as a gift, it came with no accessories and no owner’s manual. If you have one of these sergers or if you should know someone who perhaps received it a as gift or purchased it at an estate sale or online at a site like e-bay and are looking for a manual, you can download it free of charge. If you are up to the challenge of threading this compact, lightweight serger, you might be able to find one on e-bay for less than $100.

All in all, the Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D is a serviceable home serger. There are others out there, old and new, that are far more user friendly, though. If it were not for the challenges with the threading process, this would be an excellent serger, one that I would certainly consider for use by beginners.

The difficulties with threading, however, could discourage even a seasoned home sewer with little serging experience from using it at all. In fact, the woman who owns this one admitted that she changes the thread as seldom as possible. Her rationale is “The threads are inside anyway. Who’s going to see them?” I can’t say I disagree with her. My own serger is much easier to thread and I find myself doing much the same thing.

First of all, as a rule, I use only three thread colors on my serger black, white and beige. When working on serging projects, I gather everything that works with a particular thread color and do all of that serging before changing the thread and moving on to the next color group. If my serger were as hard to thread as the Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D, I would purchase the largest thread cones possible and would probably never change the thread until the cones are completely out of thread. Nawtynuff I recently just picked this serger up at a Goodwill Outlet for $5. It had seen better days as the telescoping thread guide arm was snapped off and the second row of spool holders was missing, and it was missing foot pedal power supply.

Luckily I have a friend who works at a sewing machine company and was able to get me all of these items for less than an additional $15. So $20 is what I have in this machine. It is my first serger and yes I’m slightly intimidated by sergers in general.

Download Songs Of Ramayan Serial By Ramanand Sagar more. I have been practicing with different seam techniques and really starting to feel more comfortable using it. Like I said, this is my first serger and I’ve never threaded one prior to getting this one. Sure it’s cumbersome and not particularly simple, however I really didn’t have too much trouble getting it threaded.

And now that I’ve done it a couple times, I’m really not too put out to have to do again. It’s definitely not as easy to do as today’s modern machines but if I figured it out with just the diagrams shown on the door cover, then anybody can do it as well. I’m very happy with this funlock seger. And considering I found it laying on its face, all busted up looking.

It’s a rather solid machine that I’m looking forward to learning on. Gypsy-Lea – Thank you for visiting Sewing Insight. I referred your question to the owner of the Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D.

This is her reply: “I tend to start with the factory settings and make any adjustments as I work on a sample using scraps of the fabric that I am going to be working on. I use my serger mostly to finish inside seams in fashion clothing. I’ve never used the serger to make an outfit or project where the seams are on the outside, where I would want to see perfect stitches. I hope this helps.” Happy Stitching.

Sally Louis Definitely choose the Bernina over the Brother! I have had both. The Bernina will last you forever! It has more metal parts that won’t wear out like the cheaper plastic Brother will. I just bought a second one so my daughters can sew with me more easily!

I mostly sew jersey knits. This makes pajamas a snap to make! I don’t think it is hard to thread at all. I bought it 2nd hand and then went to a sewing shop to learn how to use it. They “played” with it and got all the settings just perfect.

My second one had never been used and the factory settings were perfect. You will LOVE it!!!

Belinda I have had my Bernina Burnette 004D for about 25 years, I think. It is a wonderful machine.

Threading is not a problem if you just cut the thread at the spool, tie the new thread on then run the machine, it will bring that thread all the way through, no issues. Do the lower ones first, bring them through, then do the needle threads. The knots will not go through the needle hole, so stop the machine just before the needle threads get to the needles, cut the thread and thread the needles.

You are then good to go. If you are starting from scratch (no thread in the machine at all), then yes, it is a bit difficult to thread, but if there is thread on it already, just do the trick above and you will be flying high in seconds! I think I use my serger more than my standard machine.

Once you have one you will wonder how you ever got along without it! I even had a lady ask me where I bought the skirt I made her because she was positive that I could not have done such a nice job with such professional seams.

Kell This is where I went wrong, cutting the old spools off and not using them to thread through the new colours. If only I’d waited until my boyfriend came home, as he took one look at it and said I should have done that! This is my first ever overlocker (serger) and I wish I’d done my research first as we are having difficulty threading it. There’s a little hole that’s not staying threaded and it’s driving my boyfriend nuts. I think I’ll have to take it back to the sewing shop for further instructions. Dutch margreet use same quality thread, different thicknesses of thread used at the same time or stretchy and pure cotton make for ugly seams. Cnh Est Keygen Torrent. Thread the “blue” thread first, then the “red”one, then the needle threads, when you are starting threadless.