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C-31 AircraftCahn C-31 Micro Balance

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Nevada USA Used Cahn 29 Ultra-Microbalance. Cahn 29 Micro Balance Very similar to the Cahn C-31. With manual, 200mg calibration. Instruction Manual for Cahn C-30 / C-31 Microbalance in Business & Industrial, Healthcare, Lab & Life Science, Lab Equipment. Defect species whose interactions at temperatures below 1100°C and perhaps at higher the ratio of tetragonal to cubic.

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Cahn 29 Micro Balance Very similar to the Cahn C-31 (this model preceeded the C-31) Sample Position A B Capacity 1.5 grams 3.5 grams Weight (range/ sensitivity)25 mg/ 0.1ug: 250 mg/ 1ug: 1250 mg/ 10ug Tare (mechanical): 1.5 grams 3.5 grams Tare (electrical): 250 mg 1250 mg Accuracy (% wt range) 0.0012% 0.008% Precision (ultimate) 0.1 ug 10 ug Precision (fraction of load) 0.0001% 0.001% With manual, 200mg calibration weight, SS forceps, two platform stirrups, aluminum weigh pans (6). Serviced and calibrated.