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Layout design IV. Chapter 6 Layout generation CORELAP ALDEP MULTIPLE. Algorithm classification. CORELAP: Computerized Relationship Layout Planning. Chapter 6: Layout Planning Models and Design. Enter the layout; 75 CORELAP. II - Bernd Bruegge & Allen Dutoit Object-Oriented Software.

Similar to the sequential method, the CRAFT method also investigates departments for switching. Candidates for switching are pairs of departments that have the same area or pairs of departments that are adjacent in the layout.

For example, consider the feasible switches that involve department 6 in the layout above. Departments 2 and 8 have the same area, so the pairs (2, 6) and (6, 8) are feasible.

Corelap Layout Software

Departments that are adjacent to 6 are departments 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10, so the pairs involving these departments and department 6 are feasible. To evaluate the effect of switching the two departments, the CRAFT method assumes that the centroids of the two departments are switched and computes the resultant cost savings. When the two departments are the same size, this evaluation is accurate. When the departments have different sizes, the centroids of the departments do not exactly switch locations. In this case the evaluation may be not be accurate and a switch that looks promising may actually increase the cost of the layout. The CRAFT method implemented by this add-in terminates if this occurs.

For the example, the best feasible pair is 9 and 10. Since the two departments are different sizes, there are many alternatives for arranging the cells of the smaller sized department 9 into the larger area formerly holding department 10. The program has an algorithm for choosing the arrangement that results in the layout below. Although one might question the logic of this arrangement, it is difficult to program an algorithm that always makes the most reasonable assignment. Guru Ji Bhajan Mp3 Free Download here.

Corelap Layout

The user can adjust the assignment of cells by changing cell indices, but this is a manual operation.

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Corelap Layout SoftwareCorelap Layout Software

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