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Hardy Brothers Bamboo Rods. Palakona 'Mutti' Bamboo Rod 7'9 5wt. $750. Diablo 2 Download Iso. 00 US $895.00 US. Made in July. HARDY RODS - YEAR OF MANUFACTURE. If you've been fortunate enough to acquire a vintage rod manufactured by the House of Hardy, the following chart may help you date it. The serial number adjacent to the date represents the number assigned to the first rod made in that year. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Hardy Vintage Fishing Rods. Hardy split cane trout rod 3. Hardy Cane Salmon Rod Serial number Is. After Jeff (Gnome) and I having a conversation about the difficulty of dating Hardy rods with the 'G' series numbers, we have found this: In 1927 the 'G' number was introduced to distinguish rods that were totally made of split bamboo from greenheart, whole bamboo or a combination of materials. Hardy Rod Manufacturing Dates Year Serial No. Year Serial No. Year Serial No. 1890-1891 6 1925 D5932-D7375 1961 H35184-H 0 1925 E1045-E2030 1962 H48466-H52737.

Most of the buying and selling is in th UK on Ebay. Several are askling $250 - $450 starting bids, but no buyers are bidding.

A couple have a low starting bid, one stated at $.99 and another started at $100. These have active bidding up to $150, and the action is still open. On Ebay you can state any starting price for an auction, or you can set a certain price for 'Buy It Now'.

Hardy Split Cane Rod Serial NumbersHardy Split Cane Rod Serial Numbers

Many sellers set a very low starting price like $.99 with the hope of buyers bidding up the price. What you can do is start with a very price, but set a 'reserve price (the least price you would accept)'. Ebay charges extra for setting a reserve price.

Keep an eye on Ebay to see what the rods sell for, not what sellers are asking. I notice that you are in South Africa. Many people on Ebay do not like to buy or sell outside of their country. That may limit your market of buyers. I have sold reels and camers to countries around the world including South Africa without problems.