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Tagged with X-Ray Minecraft Mods. This modification adds three kinds of x-ray. The Aquatic Update Apk & iOS; Download Minecraft PE 1.6.0. Mod X-Ray Minecraft PE will give any player the opportunity to get the best detector of ores, in the form of x-ray vision. After installing the mod the player can see through any material of any layer of soil or other rocks. Primus 3 Way Fridge Manuals. How to Install Minecraft PE Mods / Addons for iOS. If it’s a.mcworld file then Minecraft Pocket Edition will be automatically launched and a world with the add-ons automatically opened. Download and install iFunbox which is a free file manager software available for both Mac and PCs. How to Install X-Ray Mod? For Minecraft 1.12.2. Download and install the. When I try to download the x-ray mod instead of giving me the jar file like it.

I sure that you go to the hospital and take x-ray.X-ray can look your bone.Similar than that, X-ray mod has the same feature.It’s very simple. X-ray is a modern technology which use corresponding to frequencies.X-rays have been used for medical imaging. The first medical use was less than a month after his paper on the subject. Jadu Urdu Books Pdf Download. This mod allows you it will let you detect specific types of ores by looking straight through the blocks in front of you and only see the ones.With each ore, you will have different looking such as chest, bedrock, diamond, iron, gold. X-Ray X-Ray Author:MyNameIsTriXz Download X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1.