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I received a Montblanc rollberball pen as a birthday gift from a client a while ago. I was not really interested in pens. The box and papers disappeared after a move, so now I have no idea which model it is and I don't recall how much it cost (or what it is worth today).

Gold-plated clip with individual serial number $$ 4.0: 7. The Mont Blanc 111289 StarWalker Extreme Resin. Found nearby the location of. The serial number on the Starwalker should be on the band up next to the clip, not on the clip itself. (unless it was previously on the clip and MB has recently changed the position). On the fountain pens the nibs are usually a give away too, they can vary quite dramatically on the fakes.

I never really liked the pen much because it didn't post firmly and the cap would fly off the pen. I found too small to comfortably write with unposted, so it has been a box queen most of its life. I would like to sell it at some point, but I have no idea how to price it. I brought the pen to the MB boutique on Long Island a month ago.

Montblanc Starwalker Serial Number Location

Jul 27, 2014  I check the serial number and compared it with three others they had in stock and they were all different. I also received a warranty card that stated it was purchased on 3/12/2013 from Italy. The warranty card didn't have the model or serial number of the pen on it though.

It was an underwhelming experience to say the least. The sales people seemed to know more about (and were more interested in) selling watches, leather goods and jewelry than pens. I wanted to try out a starwalker with a fine nib. They didn't have any starwalker testers, so the salesperson gave me a 146 fine and told me it wrote the same (just as all MB's do--so he claimed).

I am hardly an expert, but it doesn't take a fountain pen guru to see the nibs are completely different. Sorry for digressing, but these geniuses could not tell me what the reference number and apparently didn't have the ability to look it up by its serial number. Hell, what's the hell is the purpose of having the reference no. On the clip then if they can't use it to authenticate the pen and tell me what model it is??? Based on the serial number, it looks like it was made in 2006 (but I don't have a loupe handy) so I might be reading it wrong. I tried to get it in the pictures, but I wasn't having much luck with my Nexus 5 camera.

Montblanc Starwalker Serial Number Location

When I have a loupe later today, I'll see if if I can give you the rest of the serial number. Here are the pictures: Hopefully one of you MB maestros can help me figure out what I have sitting in my box.

Montblanc Starwalker Serial Number Location

It's actually a pretty good fake. I have the exact same model (although authentic) and it's fairly accurate. The most obvious sign it's a replica (at least for me) is the fact that it's too shiny. Encantadora De Bebes Livro Rosa Pdf Files. Unless you never use the pen and still polish it every day, an authentic sterling silver pen is going to dull over time.

I have five sterling silver Montblanc pens and no matter how hard I try none of them are going to look that presentable.I would love to see a picture of the genuine article. For silver findings and any non-plated metal with polished finish, I like to use cape cod cloth for a quick swipe followed followed by a good rub down with a micro-fiber cloth.

I takes the tarnish off in seconds without damaginw surrounding material. Work the process a little longer and you can take out scratches too. I use it all the time on my watches.:-). I just got a loupe and it's serial number XY2006108. I just looked googled the serial number and, guess what??? It's a fake!!!!

That sucks!!! I was hoping to sell it and get a MB 146. Now, I have a pen that's worth $10, which I guess is the value of the real MB cartridge that I put in it a year ago. Needed now and, yes, now I feel like a true idiot myself. I guess I am now qualified to work for my local MB boutique. No reason, though, for you to feel like an idiot.