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Check Serial Numbers by PhoneFind your serial number located on your Prada authenticity card. This number can be found on the back of the card. There should be at least two credit card-sized cards, maybe three depending on the type of material your merchandise was made of. If there is a third card, it would contain care instructions.

Prada Serial Number Check

Fake Prada sunglasses are everywhere, even on the internet! Not much of a big news ei? You’ve probably read everything there is to know about fakes. Well, that just means these fakers are reading them too, and you just don’t know what they’ll come up next! But no need to worry. We’ve done our homework and gathered the best fool-proof methods to know when a Prada is genuine or not. So far we’ve got 4 Steps You Should Learn So You Can Tell If Your Prada Sunglasses Are Authentic Or Not!

You can’t just trust everything the seller says. If you’re a, then knowing these specific details should come in handy! We’ve found that fakers misses out very important tiny details.

One in particular is the brand name itself – specifically the font and the squiggle of the right leg of the letter R. Let us illustrate The font of Prada’s logo is unique. One you cannot find in any font family.

Here’s why: Notice the curve? Now if you look at this logo You’ll notice a huge difference between the two. Obviously this one’s a fake! #2 Case and Box Upon delivery, check the box if you can find the manufacturer’s information, the bar code and see to it that the model number printed on the box matches the serial number on your sunglasses. If you’ve purchased a brand new pair of it should include all of the following accessories: • Sunglasses Case • Prada Info Guide • Manufacturer Info Guide • Cleaning Cloth • Authenticity Card If not, you should check out the next tip! #3 Markings And Etchings Most Prada sunnies feature the Prada logo and the CE (European Conformity) in the inner side of the right temple On the inner side of the left temple you can find the model number, dimension, colour and lens type (more on this later). The serial number is etched on the upper right side of the right lens.

While on the upper left side of the left lens is where the Prada logo is etched. Logo etching is usually found on the outer part of both temples, the nose piece and on the bridge like in the case of. #4 Model Number, Dimension, Colour and Lens Type Fakers won’t stop at anything just to make their deception as real as possible.

That includes faking the information on the glass itself. One indication is how they are arranged Fake Prada sunglasses, most of the time, would have the format incorrectly. But still, it’s not a reliable means of authenticating.

So make sure that the detail matches the actual item itself! Let us define each one then SPR – means Seasoned or Mainline Prada Sunglasses. Typically comes with sunnies that are designed for fashion like oversized frames, Prada Baroque round sunglasses and the likes of which.

SPS – A.K.A “Prada Linea Rossa”. The Prada Sport Sunglasses should come with this marking. 57 [] 18 130 – Usually measured in millimetre. That is 57 mm is the distance across the lens, 18 mm is the length of the bridge and 130 mm is the temple’s length from one end to the other. So ready your measuring tape and check that out!

Jennifer Lopez On The Floor Original Song Mp3 Download. 1AB-3M1 – it’s the colour of the frame. This is an html code for colours and you. 2N – indicates the lens category and type of lens. The number [2] (usually between 0 – 4) indicates the level of UV protection. The higher the number the brighter it is. N means normal, P means polarized, F means photochromatic.

It has a lot to do with how it feels! Owning a pair of is a worthwhile investment. Knowing these tips are more than enough to protect you from getting robbed!

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