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What our experts say WITH THE RANGE OF OPTIONS AVAILABLE and its ease of installation, this Pyronix sounder will no doubt rapidly gain the status of ‘belle’ in the eye of installers – even if it is a little rotund to conform to the dictionary definition! The Belle has a modern slimline enclosure and is designed to use the exposed parts of both lid and base as the strobe lens for maximum light output.

Sound output from twin piezo sounders in SAB mode is high at 118 dBA at 1m. This is essential in a domestic bells-only situation where the neighbours’ ears are insulated by double glazed doors and windows.

The internal components are all placed well away from the outer edges of the enclosure to improve resistance to vandalism. This can be further enhanced by the addition of a 1.5mm thick optional metal shroud which covers all the internal components, including the twin piezo sounders, strobe flash tube, battery and tamper switch. The Belle can be set to SCB mode.

The sounders and strobe are then powered from the 7.2 volt nicad back-up battery. Under these conditions, the sound output is reduced to 108 dBA at 1m and the flash rate from 120 to 30 per minute. This mode can be used to avoid overloading the control panel in multi-sounder installations. Three-way tamper protection is provided by a front and rear operated switch and power cut-off relay contacts. The loss of 12 volts from the control panel operates the twin piezo sounders in the Belle, as does the opening of a tamper switch. Surprisingly, the opening of a tamper switch does not signal back to the control panel to operate the internal sounder until the back-up battery is also disconnected. Twin alternate flashing red LEDs, visible through the lid, indicate that there is power present – either from the back-up battery, control panel or both.

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A fixed 15-minute cut-off timer is included to conform to the latest EU requirements. Construction The Belle enclosure consists simply of a moulded polycarbonate lid and base. The base is of complex design with a central box for the components and empty side compartments, which act as strobe lenses and also provide a protective cushion against physical attack.

Latches and pins are included in the base moulding, so that all components can be changed without removing the base from the wall. The latches are a little stiff and brittle; one of the PCB latches broke off when we removed the components. A longer tab on the end of the latch would have avoided this problem by allowing finger pressure to be used to release the latch rather than having to resort to a pair of pliers. Four mounting bosses have been recessed into the base, sufficiently deep to lift the edges 3mm clear of the wall.

Pyronix Belle Installation ManualPyronix Belle Installation Manual

This improves the sound output from the two rear-facing sounders. The lid fits neatly into recesses in the base and is held securely in place by a moulded hook at the top and a single screw at the bottom.

The PCB, measuring 57 x 124mm, carries the self-alarm, timing and strobe components (including the flash tube), setting links, terminal blocks and sockets for the power LEDs, sounders and tamper switch connecting plugs. The PCB quality is of a high standard. A transparent plastic cover protects the PCB; this must be discarded when the metal shroud is used – otherwise, the lid will not fit properly.

Pyronix Belle Installation Manual