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EMINENCE DESIGNER SPEAKER BOX DESIGN SOFTWARE. Term-CAD 3D, and Term-LAB Term-PAK is an integrated suite of programs designed for the auto sound professional. Building a DIY Speaker: Cabinet Design. Cabinet designs can be done by hand or preferably using 3D computer aided design (CAD) software such as SolidWorks or SketchUp. It is much easier to see what you are working with and make changes in CAD instead of having to recut cabinets. Books could be written on cabinet design, but.

Speaker Box Cad SoftwareSpeaker Box Cad Programs

The greatest thing about surfing the net is finding all the neat programs you can download. I have found approximately a dozen and speaker design CAD programs which are of great use to the amateur speaker builder. Unfortunately, some 'free' and shareware I have found are, which makes them nearly useless. Others are rather complicated, and require that you know a bit about enclosure design and provide very detailed information about the sub, much of which is not included with your average purchase.

So I looked through my CAD software and came up with the programs I use most, and which I believe nearly anyone can understand. For some in-depth analysis about enclosures and design, go check out the website and their excellent. If you know of any great free CAD programs I have not listed, please contact me!

For those interested, here is an OLD of CAD programs available for sale from the respective writers/manufacturers. Most should still be available, however. These files are zipped, so if you need a zip program, try this link to. Also, you MUST disable any download assistant program (like Getright) to d/l these files.

Programs are rated between 1 (poor) - 5 (excellent) as indicated by the # of drivers. The information in parenthesis following the name of the program is MINIMUM OS requirements to run the program, i. Ashiq Banaya Aapne All Songs Download. e. DOS & Win3.1 programs will work just fine in Win95/98. Programs reviewed and listed on this page have been checked via scientific calculator and formulas for accuracy. - (DOS) 44k Freeware 1/2 A simple freeware program written in 1991 by C. Hoffman and freely distributed by AVI Sound International, Inc. This CAD software program may seem a bit simple, but it does a fine job.

Figures ported and sealed enclosures, and provides response graphs for your review. Also has a limited crossover design utility (2nd order only) if you are planning on using passive units with your speakers. This program is accurate and easy to use.

This program should run on any pc, even old CGA dinosaur models. I have included it in case anyone has an old pc lying around in mothballs that they want to stick in the garage as a dedicated design tool.

See also DosBox & Perfect Box. - (DOS) 215k Freeware This program, given free to all of us by, is a freeware CAD program available for loudspeaker design (with a few limitations). This program is best utilized for automotive applications where space is at a premium.

Blaubox is designed so that it will figure an 'computer - generated optimum' enclosure smaller than an actual 'optimum' enclosure - this to save room for the auto environment. There is no selectable Qtc for sealed speakers (default seems to be Qtc = 1.0), and ported enclosures are often figured at half the volume of their actual 'optimum' size. Bandpass enclosures are also figured rather small, which means your bandpass design might sound boomy. If you know the actual optimum size (flattest response down to cutoff), you can input this into Blaubox.

That said, you can choose between sealed, ported, single reflex bandpass, and dual reflex bandpass, or isobaric variations of these designs. A speaker database allows you to store info on all your drivers, available for instant review. It also plots the low frequency driver response, and you can display two separate enclosure/sub designs at once so you can see how different designs compare with each other (VERY useful). Although programmed with automotive applications in mind, this program works well for building home speakers too, as long as you remember the above warnings!